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Starter Bookkeepers and Startup Businesses

Client Services - Basic bookkeeping/General bookkeeping services focus on the "tasks" of bookkeeping. Recording the data with the details of money in and money out.

Business Operations - Startups - Every business should go through a startup phase. The startup phase can be short and easy or long and challenging. A "side gig/side hustle" requires little to begin whereas an entrepreneurial, long term venture requires much more.

Advanced Bookkeepers & Advancing Businesses

Client Services - Advanced Bookkeepers have mastered the basic bookkeeping tasks and processes. They know that there is more to bookkeeping than just recording data from Bank and CC statements, reconciling accounts and reporting results.

Business Operations - As your client base grows. so does your need for more resources. Leveraging your assets and improving efficiencies will get you closer to working less and making more. Hey, I read "The Four Hour Work Week" too!

Full-Charge Bookkeepers and Full-Charge Businesses

Client Services - A F/C bookkeeper can complete all of the steps in the accounting cycle. Complete the tasks, close the accounting period, present, explain and substantiate GAAP compliant results.

Business Operations- Sustainability is an entrepreneur's measure of success. Scalability is their dream. My Top Bookkeeper is the sustainable and scalable business model full-charge bookkeepers/entrepreneurs have been waiting for.

you don't need to know everything to take the first step.